Dear colleagues, peers and friends, welcome to the fourth edition of CAMP – Creative Agent Manager Producer.

We are looking forward to hosting you online on zoom during Monday 28 September to Friday 2 October 2020. 

Please use the program to navigate the week.

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Please read the CAMP reflections to get inspired.


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CAMP has asked the curator of the program “New Shit” at Dansehallerne / Edison in Copenhagen Thjerza Balaj and the selected artists (Mathias Theisen, Meleat Fredriksson and Paolo de Venecia Gile) to share reflections from their generation and working reality. How do they produce and how do they aim for high production value? This conversation is pre-recorded in september 2020 and works as a behind-the-scenes visit where you get close to the heart, soul and intellect of the artists.

The video is produced by Dansehallerne.

How you take part 

The vulnerability within the performing arts sector is clearer than ever and action and responsibilities have been rethought and tested worldwide. This is part of the theme for CAMP#4.

During the event we will examine the role of a creative agent, manager, producer in society and what it means to produce and co-produce for the future.

You connect and become part of CAMP#4 by investing a few hours of your valuable time or by attending several selected industry sessions that appeal to you. No matter what, your input and know-how will be appreciated and acknowledged. CAMP welcomes you online from Monday to Friday. Please note that the times given in the program PDF are Central European Time

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Your Personal Confirmation, and Next Steps

CAMP will send you a confirmation by email.

Point of Contact

If you have questions regarding CAMP#4 at this point, please do not hesitate to contact the local hosts and producers:

Lene Bang Henningsen

Betina Rex


Monday 28 September 2020 

09:45  Check-in to local Hubs 

10:00  – 12:00 CAMP Local Hub in Sweden

10:00 – 12:00  CAMP Local Hub in The Netherlands 

16:00 – 18:00 CAMP meeting Danish Partners – (CAMP working group) 

18:00 – 20:00 CAMP meeting Danish Festivals – (CAMP working group) 

19:45 Check-in to local hub 

20:00 – 21:30 CAMP Local Hub in Canada – online and in collaboration with IETM

Online for download: 

CAMP Reflections#1 by Line Rousseau 

Tuesday 29 September 2020 

16:15 Check-in online to Roundtable ONE

16:30 – 18:30 CAMP Roundtable – ONE – Copenhagen 

20:00 – 22:00 Performance live at Edison / Dansehallerne, Copenhagen 

Online for download and watching:  

CAMP Reflections#2 by Linda Zachrison

Recorded conversation among the selected artist at “NEW SHIT”, Dansehallerne, Copenhagen  

Wednesday 30 September 2020 

09:45  Check-in online to Roundtable TWO

10:00  – 12:30 CAMP Roundtable – TWO 

19:45 Check-in online to Panel 

20:00 – 21:30 CAMP Panel: Co-producing the future 

Online for download:  

CAMP Reflections#3 Festival TransAmériques

Thursday 1 October 2020 

13:45 Check-in online to IETM 

14.00  – 15:45 What Matters Now? – IETM Digital programme 

15.45 Check-in Online to Roundtable THREE

16:00 – 18:00 CAMP Roundtable – THREE 

19:30 Performance at Bora Bora, Aarhus – onsite at the venue and as a live streaming

Online for download and/or watching:  

CAMP Reflections#4 by Elle Sofe Sara 

Live streaming of the performance “The Tourist” by DON GNU from Bora Bora 

Friday 2 October 2020 

09:45 Check-in online 

10:00 – 11:00 Pitchorama – IETM digital program  

12:00 – 14:00 CAMP roundtable – The Department of Dramaturgy at Aarhus University 

14:00 – 15:00 IETM Update – IETM digital program 

16:00 – 17:30 CAMP Global Call – in collaboration with IETM

CAMP History

Creative Agent Manager Producer addresses industry-related issues and highlights and examines the role of the producer of the performing arts with a 360-degree approach always in a local, national and international context. The program aims to strengthen links in the performing arts industry peer-to-peer, organisation to organisation. Always across the sector spectrum from the independent producer to established festivals and funding bodies. The format of CAMP is built around local hosting where we offer roundtable meetings, organization site visits and public panels as part of the active work-in-residency-producers-program. CAMP is a development process and journey led by individuals working in the international field of performing arts and choreography. We work as creative agents, managers and/or producers and question the status quo. The event in Denmark 2020 is the fourth edition of CAMP. Previous CAMPs took place in Montreal 2018, Gothenburg 2018 and in Den Bosch 2019.

Regional points of contacts in regards to CAMP

Adrien Bussy, Compagnie Flak, Montreal (CA)

Line Rousseau, A Propic (NL)

Magnus Nordberg, Nordberg Movement (SE)

Lene Bang Henningsen, Lene Bang ORG. (DK)


CAMP founding partners are Adrien Bussy, Compagnie Flak, Montreal (CA) | Lene Bang Henningsen, Lene Bang ORG. (DK) | Line Rousseau, A Propic (NL) | Magnus Nordberg, Nordberg Movement (SE)

Co-Campers are Betina Rex (DK), Sanne Wichman (NL), Anja Arnquist (SE), Nicolas Filion (CA). 

CAMP#4 in Denmark and online is produced by local hosts Lene Bang Org, Betina Rex and CAMP in collaboration with: Dansehallerne, Edison, Betty Nansen Teater, The Development Platform, The Platform Aarhus, Bora Bora Aarhus, The Department of Dramaturgy at Aarhus University, Performing Arts Producers in Denmark and IETM – international network for contemporary performing arts. 

CAMP #4 supported online and offline is supported by

Bikuben Foundation Denmark

Nordic Culture Fund


Festival TransAmériques (CA), The Gothenburg Dance and Theatre Festival (SE), Theater-festival Boulevard (NL), Dansehallerne Copenhagen (DK), The Development Platform (DK). Montreal CAMP was supported by The Danish Arts Foundation, Conseil des Arts de Montréal. Early conversations, which shaped CAMP, took place during residencies at Festival TransAmériques (CA) and B.MOTION Festival (IT) in 2017. 

A special thanks to Denis Bergeron for encouraging CAMP. 

The development of CAMP is supported by Nordic Culture Fund 2018 – 2021.