The work

Lene Bang works with specific Danish and Nordic artists and cultural projects concerning the implementation of strategies, development and deliverance. The micro/network business operates in and from a Nordic context always relating to the global reality.


In my role as a creative producer and an agent, I work as a facilitator. I offer an empathic and critical approach: when I start collaborating with an artist, it’s a partnership.


My focus is to support the artists and their work by developing and setting a framework for the pre-production, production and tour and long-term development. The approach is in debt and aims for “slow production” with thoroughly considered steps to reach a shared vision and support.


My experience as a dramaturge has been an essential tool in work and life. It has become a natural way of critical thinking – also when working on branding and creating awareness for a company or an artist.


I know my values and appreciate my independent voice while working in the world. For me, it’s essential, to have a constructive conversation around the development of artists with my colleagues, internal and external collaborators and peers alike to navigate and position the narrative in the best possible way.


The sum of this is what allows me to work in varied social and cultural settings and connect individual artists with relevant organisations and institutions. With this approach, I aspire to develop my own business, the artist I collaborate closely with, and the arts sector.