Lene Bang is a senior creative producer and mentor exploring the world – with a focus on empowering collaboration.


Today Lene Bang Henningsen is working from the platform Lene Bang Org. based in Denmark. Her passion and curiosity have led to various long-term partnerships and development projects nationally and globally. Her commitment and work have even led to the ISPA fellowship 2015 – 2017 to further her leadership.


Lene Bang is currently developing the nordic company Convoi Exceptionnel / Jon R. Skulberg and collaborating with Hotel Pro Forma / Kirsten Dehlholm as international relations manager.


She is also one of four founding members of the international research project C.A.M.P – creative agent manager producer and an consultant in relation to international networks.


Lene built her network through touring internationally and hosting events, … and asking a lot of questions! She holds a BA in Dramaturgy from Aarhus University, Denmark and a Masters in Arts Administration and Cultural Policy from Goldsmiths, University of London.


Among her merits are; author and co-writer of “it starts with a conversation”, initiator of the Mentor Room at IETM, Project manager of IETM 2012 Copenhagen meeting, international manager and collaboration with zero visibility corp (2008 – 2017). Furthermore, she has worked with “Dialog” at Skånes Dansteater, Sweden and even created a traffic sign for high heels.


Clients: Hotel Pro Forma, Jon R. Skulberg, Stian Danielsen, Nordberg Movement, Björn Säfsten / Body of Curiosity , HAUT, ICE HOT Nordic Dance Platform, Performing Arts Hub Norway, The Danish Arts Council, Dansehallerne in Copenhagen, Skånes Dansteater, zero visibility corp., Kedja.